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Title: The Economic Revolution in British West Africa / Edition 1, Author: Allan McPhee
Title: Government and Labour in Kenya 1895-1963 / Edition 1, Author: Anthony Clayton
Title: Urban-regional Development in South America: A Process of Diffusion and Integration, Author: Poul Ove Pedersen
Title: Women in Africa: Studies in Social and Economic Change, Author: Nancy  J. Hafkin
Title: An Economic History of Tropical Africa: Volume One : The Pre-Colonial Period / Edition 1, Author: J.M. Konczacki
Title: How Long Will South Africa Survive?, Author: Richard William Johnson
Title: From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe: Behind and Beyond Lancaster House, Author: W.H. Morris-Jones
Title: Decolonization and Dependency: Problems of Development of African Societies, Author: Aguibou Yan Yansane
Title: Class, State, and Industrial Structure: The Historical Process of South American Industrial Growth, Author: Frederic S. Weaver
Title: Capital & Labour In South Africa: Class struggle in the 1970s / Edition 1, Author: D. du Toit
Title: Maidens, Meal and Money: Capitalism and the Domestic Community / Edition 1, Author: Claude Meillassoux
Title: African Women in the Development Process / Edition 1, Author: Nici Nelson
Title: Essays on the Political Economy of Rural Africa, Author: Robert H. Bates
Title: Emergence of African Capitalism, Author: John Iliffe
Title: Anglo American and the Rise of Modern South Africa, Author: Duncan Innes
Title: The Economy of British Central Africa: A Case Study of Economic Development in a Dualistic Society, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: Imperialism in East Africa (Volume 2), Author: Dan Nabudere
Title: Developing Africa: A Modernization Perspective, Author: Pradip K. Ghosh
Title: Difficult Road, Author: John S. Saul
Title: Zanzibar, Its Society and Its Politics., Author: ABC-CLIO

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