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Title: You Don't Need Meat, Author: Peter Cox
Title: Wyoming Range War: The Infamous Invasion of Johnson County, Author: John W. Davis
Title: Women of the Range: Women's Roles in the Texas Beef Cattle Industry, Author: Elizabeth Maret
Title: Whittemore's Science and Practice of Pig Production / Edition 3, Author: Colin T. Whittemore
Title: Western Stock Ranching, Author: Mont H. Saunderson
Title: Welfare of the Laying Hen, Author: Graham C. Perry
Title: Wait 'Til the Cows Come Home: Farm Country Rambles with a New York Dairyman, Author: Richard Triumpho
Title: Viral Zoonoses and Food of Animal Origin: A Re-Evaluation of Possible Hazards for Human Health, Author: Oskar-Rüger Kaaden
Title: Viral Diseases of Cattle / Edition 2, Author: Robert F. Kahrs
Title: Unmentionable Cuisine, Author: Calvin W. Schwabe
Title: Understanding the Dairy Cow, Author: John Webster
Title: Ultra-High-Temperature Processing of Milk and Milk Products, Author: H. Burton
Title: Two Hundred Eggs a Year Per Hen: How to Get Them. A Practical Treatise on Egg Making and Its Conditions and Profits in Poultry, Author: Edgar Warren
Title: Turkey Hill -- A Family Vision, Author: Turkey Hill Dairy
Title: Truman Torgerson: Leadership Straight From The Shoulder, Author: Randall E. Torgerson
Title: Tropical Dairy Farming: Feeding Management for Small Holder Dairy Farmers in the Humid Tropics, Author: John J. Moran
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Title: Trails of Yesterday, Author: John Bratt
Title: This Is Vegan Propaganda: (And Other Lies the Meat Industry Tells You), Author: Ed Winters
Title: Thermal Processing of Ready-to-Eat Meat Products / Edition 1, Author: C. Lynn Knipe
Title: The Sensory Evaluation of Dairy Products / Edition 2, Author: Stephanie Clark

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