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Title: The Soul of A New Machine, Author: Tracy Kidder
Title: Information Architecture: For the Web and Beyond, Author: Louis Rosenfeld
Title: Learning Embedded Systems with MSP430 FRAM Microcontrollers: MSP430FR5994 with Code Composer Studio, Author: Byul Hur
Title: Programming Kubernetes: Developing Cloud-Native Applications, Author: Michael Hausenblas
Title: The Software Architect Elevator: Redefining the Architect's Role in the Digital Enterprise, Author: Gregor Hohpe
Title: Software Engineering at Google: Lessons Learned from Programming Over Time, Author: Titus Winters
Title: Learning Computer Architecture with Raspberry Pi, Author: Eben Upton
Title: Building Microservices: Designing Fine-Grained Systems, Author: Sam Newman
Title: Lean Six SIGMA : Combining Six SIGMA Quality with Lean Production Speed / Edition 1, Author: Michael George
Title: Linear System Theory and Design / Edition 4, Author: Chi-Tsong Chen
Title: SysML for Systems Engineering: A model-based approach, Author: Jon Holt
Title: Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture / Edition 1, Author: Martin Fowler
Title: Arduino Cookbook: Recipes to Begin, Expand, and Enhance Your Projects, Author: Michael Margolis
Title: Hardcore Programming for Mechanical Engineers: Build Engineering Applications from Scratch, Author: Angel Sola Orbaiceta
Title: Raspberry Pi For Dummies, Author: Sean McManus
Title: Terraform: Up & Running: Writing Infrastructure as Code, Author: Yevgeniy Brikman
Title: Programming Quantum Computers: Essential Algorithms and Code Samples, Author: Eric Johnston
Title: Embedded Systems Circuits and Programming / Edition 1, Author: Julio Sanchez
Title: A Guide for Machine Vision in Quality Control / Edition 1, Author: Sheila Anand
Title: ARM Microprocessor Systems: Cortex-M Architecture, Programming, and Interfacing, Author: Muhammad Tahir

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