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Title: Trinity Vol. 4: The Search for Steve Trevor, Author: James A. Robinson
Title: Wonder Woman '77 (2015-) #1, Author: Marc Andreyko
Title: Wonder Woman Annual (2015-) #1, Author: Meredith Finch
Title: Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor (2017-) #1, Author: Tim Seeley
Title: Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special (2016-) #1, Author: Various
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Title: Wonder Woman Vol. 9: Resurrection, Author: Meredith Finch
Title: Wonder Woman & the Justice League America Vol. 2, Author: Dan Vado
Title: The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman (2018-) #3, Author: Liam Sharp
Title: Wonder Woman: Contagion, Author: Gail Simone
Title: DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman - The '90s (2011-) #1, Author: William Messner-Loebs
Title: Wonder Woman Archives Vol. 7, Author: Various
Title: Superman/Wonder Woman Vol. 5: A Savage End, Author: Peter J. Tomasi
Title: Wonder Woman: The Circle, Author: Gail Simone
Title: Wonder Woman: Her Greatest Battles, Author: Geoff Johns
Title: Shade, The Changing Woman (2018-) #1, Author: Cecil Castellucci
Title: DC Comics Presents: Wonder Woman Adventures #1 (2012-) #1, Author: Steve Vance
Title: Wonder Woman by Mike Deodato, Author: William Messner-Loebs

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