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Title: A Modest Proposal and Other Satirical Works, Author: Jonathan Swift
Title: A Nation and Not a Rabble: The Irish Revolution 1913-1923, Author: Diarmaid Ferriter
Title: A New Ireland: How Europe's Most Conservative Country Became Its Most Liberal, Author: Niall O'Dowd
Title: The IRA: The Irish Republican Army, Author: James C. Dingley
Title: Constance Markievicz: Irish Revolutionary, Author: Anne M. Haverty
Title: A Modest Proposal and Other Prose (Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading), Author: Jonathan Swift
Title: Ireland: A Social and Cultural History 1922-2001, Author: Dr. Terence Brown
Title: Home Rule and the Irish Question / Edition 1, Author: Grenfell Morton
Title: The IRA, Author: Tim Pat Coogan
Title: Irish Impressions, Author: G. K. Chesterton
Title: Making Peace, Author: George J. Mitchell
Title: Big Fellow, Long Fellow. A Joint Biography of Collins and De Valera: A Joint Biography of Irish politicians Michael Collins and Eamon De Valera, Author: T. Ryle Dwyer
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Title: Ireland Standing Firm and Eamon de Valera: A Memoir, Author: Robert Brennan
Title: Everybody Matters: My Life Giving Voice, Author: Mary Robinson
Title: Irish Politics and Social Conflict in the Age of the American Revolution, Author: Maurice R. O'Connell
Title: Sir John Gorman: The Times of My Life, Author: John Gorman
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Title: Churchill and Ireland, Author: Paul Bew
Title: Seven Signatories: Tracing the Family Histories of the Men Who Signed the Proclamation, Author: Paul Gorry
Title: Bitter Freedom: Ireland in a Revolutionary World, Author: Maurice Walsh
Title: 1916: One Hundred Years of Irish Independence: From the Easter Rising to the Present, Author: Tim Pat Coogan

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