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Title: Curse Breaker Fallout, Author: Melinda Kucsera
#8 in Series
Title: Crónicas de Ampiria: La forja de los titanes:, Author: Iván Incerti Morales
Title: And Kingdoms End: The Sixth Book of the Small Gods, Author: Bruce Blake
Title: The Second Shadow: Illustrated Edition, Author: Christopher Gamsby
Title: La tempête de Star, Author: S. E. Smith
Title: Gemma Calvertson and the Forest of Despair, Author: Ryan Hoyt
#1 in Series
Title: Shieldbreaker's Story, Author: Fred Saberhagen
Title: Rucksack Universe Box Set #1, Author: Anthony St. Clair
Title: The Guard, Author: Ashley Pagano
#2 in Series
Title: Cassie Collins and the Magic Hearts, Author: D.B. Green
Title: Harbinger of the End: A Tale of Loki and Sigyn, Author: Nicki Chapelway
Title: The Trumpets of Doom, Author: J. M. Macleod
#3 in Series
Title: The Second Shadow: Light Novel, Author: Christopher Gamsby
Title: The Elementalist: Rise of Hara, Author: T. M. White
#1 in Series
Title: Ibrahim: A Tale of Two Worlds:, Author: Kevin Kalu
Title: Sons of Djinbar: A Tale of the Long Road, Author: C. A. Perez
Title: Revenge of the Puppet Master, Author: Joseph Truitt
#3 in Series
Title: That Malicious Storm: A Scary Tale of Beauty & The Phantom, Author: Rob E. Boley
Title: The Monster's Caress: A Seven Kingdoms Tale 8, Author: S. E. Smith
Title: Revenge of the Tiamat: And Land and Spirits of Lemuria, Author: Dennis L. Siluk

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