Title: The Tenth Law, Author: Dagmar Calixte Hinds
#1 in Series
Title: Sometimes A Monster, Author: Libby Heily
Title: Lionessheart, Author: Nicole Zoltack
#3 in Series
Title: Defiance- A Novel: Book 4 of the Deliverance Series, Author: Samantha Schinder
Title: The Returning, Author: Christine Hinwood
Title: The Raven Queen, Author: J.C. Logan
Title: The Unweaving, Author: D. P. Prior
#3 in Series
Title: Girl of the Night Garden, Author: Logan Riley
Title: Awakened from Avalon, Author: Abby Goodrich
Title: The Flame of Battle: An Epic Fantasy Novel with Dragons, Author: Melinda R. Cordell
Title: Skandal (Sekret Series #2), Author: Lindsay Smith
Title: Lilith, a Romance, Author: George Macdonald,
Title: The Mirrored Shard (Iron Codex Series #3), Author: Caitlin Kittredge
Title: The Princess Chronicles: The Journey Begins:, Author: C. M. Hano
Title: Tarsis and the 11 Kingdoms, Author: Brandon Benedict
Title: After the Apocalypse: The Kim and Kaya Chronicles, Author: Scott Kimak
Title: Persian Old Tales: Asian Old Stories, Author: Ebrahim Zamany
Title: Wolf: La ragazza che sfidò il destino, Author: Ryan Graudin
Title: La humana becada, Author: Melany Morillo
Title: Tarsis and the 11 Kingdoms: The Allegories, Author: Brandon Benedict

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