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Title: The Fontre, Author: Julien Jamar
#2 in Series
Title: Gateshifter, Author: P Joan
Title: STONE COLD NV: World of Sin, Book 1, Author: J.A.X. Mikesell
Title: The Tower of Bones (Three Powers Series #2), Author: Frank P. Ryan
Title: Good Luck, Bad Luck: A Three Kingdoms Novel, Author: Jenni Ward
Title: The A'zyon Warrior, Author: Trudy Adams
#1 in Series
Title: Rest (Sprig, Issue #7), Author: Houston Hare
Title: Elemental Links: Steel and Magic Book 1, Author: M. A. Leon
Title: Terminal Combustion, Author: Jen Crane
#2 in Series
Title: The Roda Odyssey: Traversing the Mist, Author: Marie McFall
Title: Arrival of the Palazar, Author: J. Davis Zakary
Title: Seeking Solace, Author: T. N. Watson
#2 in Series
Title: Mexico Wall 132, Author: I. D. Oro
Title: Sabre Black, Author: Arianna Fox
Title: Two Merchants and a Thief: Branded Souls Series Book 1, Author: R. A. Baker
Title: Prophecy of Draydon, Author: Kayla Swift
Title: A Royal Mind, Author: Abigail Elizabeth Black
Title: Gabbie And The Magical Garden: Novel, Author: Paul Lundy
Title: To Rescue A King: A Generation Son Chronicle, Author: C. J. Rose
Title: Flammendes Erwachen (Falling Kingdoms #1), Author: Morgan Rhodes

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