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Title: The Laws and Legal System of a Free-Market Cuba: A Prospectus for Business, Author: Matias F. Travieso-Diaz
Title: Misadventures of the Most Favored Nations: Clashing Egos, Inflated Ambitions, and the Great Shambles of the World Trade System, Author: Paul Blustein
Title: Behind the Scenes at the WTO: The Real World of International Trade Negotiations, Author: Fatoumata Jawara
Title: National Power and the Structure of Foreign Trade, Author: Albert Hirschman
Title: The IMF and Economic Development / Edition 1, Author: James Raymond Vreeland
Title: The Islamic State : Financial Aspects and U.S. Policy, Author: Gerard Smith
Title: Global Energy Security and American Hegemony, Author: Doug Stokes
Title: Dispelling the Myth of Globalization: The Case for Regionalization, Author: Hazel J. Johnson
Title: Europe as I See It / Edition 1, Author: Romano Prodi
Title: International Political Economy: Facing Global Challenges, Author: Jonathan H. Westover
Title: WTO and World Trade: Challenges in a New Era, Author: Gïnter S. Heiduk
Title: Globalization / Edition 2, Author: Malcolm Waters
Title: Cooperative Capitalism: A Blueprint for Global Peace and Prosperity, Author: Jw Smith
Title: The Regulation of International Financial Markets: Perspectives for Reform, Author: Rainer Grote
Title: Phantom of the China Economic Threat: Shadow of the Next Asian Crisis, Author: Chi Lo
Title: Beyond Globalization: Capitalism, Territoriality and the International Relations of Modernity / Edition 1, Author: Hannes Lacher
Title: The Challenge of Hegemony: Grand Strategy, Trade, and Domestic Politics, Author: Steven E. Lobell
Title: Handbook of International Economics: International Trade / Edition 5, Author: P.B. Kenen
Title: Liberating the Future: God, Mammon, and Theology, Author: Joerg Rieger
Title: Multilateralism and the World Trade Organisation: The Architecture and Extension of International Trade Regulation, Author: Rorden Wilkinson
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