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Title: Collected Papers, Author: Lloyd A. Metzler
Title: The Debt Trap: The International Monetary Fund and the Third World, Author: Cheryl Payer
Title: Anti-Dumping-Recht: Texte, Erläuterungen, Dokumentationen, Author: Kurt Junckerstorff
Title: Economic Relations between Socialist Countries and the Third World, Author: Deepak Nayyar
Title: The Weak in the World of the Strong: The Developing Countries in the International System, Author: Robert L. Rothstein
Title: Changing Patterns in Foreign Trade and Payments, Author: Bela A. Balassa
Title: Cod Fisheries, Author: Harold Innis
Title: International Law and Policy of Human Welfare, Author: Ronald St.J. Macdonald
Title: Cod Fisheries: The History of an International Economy, Author: Harold A. Innis
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Title: Challenges to a Liberal International Economic Order, Author: Thomas D. Willett
Title: The Economy as a System of Power: Corporate Powers / Edition 1, Author: Warren Samuels
Title: Commodities, Finance and Trade: Issues in the North-South Negotiations, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: Dependency Approaches to International Political Economy: A Cross-National Study, Author: Vincent Mahler
Title: Imperialism: Pioneer of Capitalism, Author: Bill Warren
Title: The New International Economic Order: A Bibliography, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: Intra-Firm Trade and the Developing Countries, Author: G.K.  Helleiner
Title: The American Economic Impact on Canada, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: The Path to European Union: From the Marshall Plan to the Common Market, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: Latin America and the New International Economic Order, Author: Ricardo Ffrench-Davis
Title: Progress for a Small Planet, Author: Barbara Ward

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