Title: Encyclopedia of Interior Design, Author: Joanna Banham
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Title: Interior Graphic Standards 2.0 CD-ROM / Edition 1, Author: Corky Binggeli
Title: Medical and Dental Space Planning: A Comprehensive Guide to Design, Equipment, and Clinical Procedures / Edition 4, Author: Jain Malkin
Title: How to Market Design Consultancy Services: Finding, Winning, Keeping and Developing Clients, Author: Shan Preddy
Title: Interiors Beyond Architecture, Author: Deborah Schneiderman
Title: Medical and Dental Space Planning: A Comprehensive Guide to Design, Equipment, and Clinical Procedures, Author: Jain Malkin
Title: The Handbook of Interior Design / Edition 1, Author: Jo Ann Asher Thompson
Title: Designing the Modern Interior: From The Victorians To Today, Author: Penny Sparke
Title: Performance, Fashion and the Modern Interior: From the Victorians to Today, Author: Fiona Fisher
Title: Architecture and Interior Design from the 19th Century, Volume 2: An Integrated History / Edition 1, Author: Buie Harwood
Title: Fundamentals of Architectural Lighting, Author: Samuel Mills
Title: Time-Saver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning / Edition 2, Author: Julius Panero
Title: Reading the Reverse Façade of Reims Cathedral: Royalty and Ritual in Thirteenth-Century France, Author: DonnaL. Sadler
Title: Rethinking the Interior, c. 1867-1896: Aestheticism and Arts and Crafts / Edition 1, Author: Imogen Hart
Title: Health and Well-being for Interior Architecture, Author: Dak Kopec
Title: Time-Saver Standards for Architectural Design: Technical Data for Professional Practice / Edition 8, Author: Donald Watson
Title: Shaping the American Interior: Structures, Contexts and Practices, Author: Paula Lupkin
Title: Building Services Design for Energy Efficient Buildings, Author: Paul Tymkow
Title: Ceilings and Dreams: The Architecture of Levity, Author: Paul Emmons
Title: Shadow: the architectural power of withholding light, Author: Simon Unwin

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