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Title: 1932: Pride & Prejudice Revisited, Author: Karen M Cox
Title: Veio Depois a Noite Infame, Author: Margarida Palma
Title: Petite Idole, Author: Sarah Bernhardt
Title: Vietnam to Sunrise: A Marine's Story of Love & War, Author: Les Levy
Title: Come Out of the Kitchen!: A Romance (Illustrated), Author: Alice Duer Miller
The Sea Gate Pre-Order Now
by Jane Johnson
Narrated by  Not Yet Available
Audiobook (Unabridged)


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Title: Flucht in der Nacht: Roman, Author: Emmanuel Bove
Title: Der Stiefsohn: Roman, Author: Emmanuel Bove
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Scent of Triumph: A Novel of Perfume and Passion
by Jan Moran
Narrated by  Erin Bennett
Audiobook (Unabridged)

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Title: Herd und Schwert (Historischer Roman): Aus der Zeit um den Ausbruch des ersten Weltkrieges, Author: Fritz Skowronnek
Title: A Year From Now, Author: Ray Hobbs
Title: Das Geheimnis der Fjordinsel: Norwegenroman, Author: Christine Kabus
Title: In the Shadow of Green Bamboos, Author: C. L. Hoang
Title: Jenny Kissed Me!, Author: Thomas Allen
Title: Eine Ehe in Wien: Roman, Author: David Vogel
Title: Reif für die Insel: oder Was ich dir sagen will ... Eine Sylt-Geschichte, Author: Gisa Pauly
Title: Ein Mann, der wusste: Roman, Author: Emmanuel Bove
Title: La filla esborrada, Author: Margarida Aritzeta
Title: The Norden Affair, Author: Jeff Funk
Title: Gilding the Waters: A Novel of Lost Causes and Found Love, Author: Catherine Richmond

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