Title: Building on Water: Venice, Holland and the Construction of the European Landscape in Early Modern Times / Edition 1, Author: Salvatore Ciriacono
Title: Open-Channel Hydraulics, Author: Ven Te Chow
Title: Mechanics Collection (Mechanics and Hydraulics), Author: TSD Training
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Title: Theoretical Microfluidics, Author: Henrik Bruus
Title: The Hydraulics Manual (Mechanics and Hydraulics), Author: TSD Training
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Title: Repairer Hydraulic Systems (Mechanics and Hydraulics), Author: TSD Training
Title: The Morris Canal: Across New Jersey by Water and Rail, Author: Robert R. Goller
Title: Intelligent Energy Field Manufacturing: Interdisciplinary Process Innovations / Edition 1, Author: Wenwu Zhang
Title: Design of Earth Dams / Edition 1, Author: A.L. Goldin
Title: Recent Research Advances in the Fluid Mechanics of Turbulent Jets and Plumes / Edition 1, Author: P.A. Davies
Title: An Introduction to Turbulent Flow / Edition 1, Author: Jean Mathieu
Title: Polymer Adhesion, Friction, and Lubrication / Edition 1, Author: Hongbo Zeng
Title: Industrial Hydraulics / Edition 1, Author: Richard W. Vockroth
Title: Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals and Fluids Technology, Author: Johannes Fink
Title: Shore Protection Manual (Volume Two), Author: U S. Army Coastal Engineering Research
Title: Turbulence in Fluid Flows: A Dynamical Systems Approach / Edition 1, Author: George R. Sell
Title: Statistical Mechanics of Turbulent Flows / Edition 1, Author: Stefan Heinz
Title: An Introduction to Hydraulics of Fine Sediment Transport, Author: Ashish J Mehta
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Title: Surface Chemistry and Geochemistry of Hydraulic Fracturing / Edition 1, Author: K. S. Birdi
Title: Hydrodynamic Forces: IAHR Hydraulic Structures Design Manuals 3, Author: Eduard Naudascher
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