Title: 3. Forsthoffer's Rotating Equipment Handbooks: Compressors, Author: William E. Forsthoffer
Title: 3D Modeling of Nonlinear Wave Phenomena on Shallow Water Surfaces / Edition 1, Author: Iftikhar B. Abbasov
Title: 3D-Computation of Incompressible Internal Flows: Proceedings of the GAMM Workshop held at EPFL, 13-15 September 1989, Lausanne, Switzerland, Author: Gabriel Sottas
Title: A Descriptive and Historical Account of Hydraulic and Other MacHines for Raising Water: Ancient and Modern, Author: Thomas Ewbank
Title: A Revised Logistic Regression Equation and an Automated Procedure for Mapping the Probability of a Stream Flowing Perennially in Massachusetts, Author: Gardner C. Bent
Title: A Town Primarily for People: The Five Hundred Year Plan, Author: Gene Zellmer
Title: Absorbing Boundaries and Layers, Domain Decomposition Methods: Applications to Large Scale Computers, Author: L. Tourrette
Title: Acoustics of Fluid-Structure Interactions, Author: M. S. Howe
Title: Advances in Coastal Structure Design, Author: K. Mohan Ram
Title: Advances In Hydraulics And Water Engineering - Proceedings Of The 13th Iahr-apd Congress (In 2 Volumes), Author: John Junke Guo
Title: Aeroacoustics of Low Mach Number Flows: Fundamentals, Analysis, and Measurement, Author: Stewart Glegg
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Title: Aerodynamic Drag Reduction Technologies: Proceedings of the CEAS/DragNet European Drag Reduction Conference, 19-21 June 2000, Potsdam, Germany / Edition 1, Author: Peter Thiede
Title: Aircraft Wake Turbulence and Its Detection: Proceedings of a Symposium on Aircraft Wake Turbulence held in Seattle, Washington, September 1-3, 1970. Sponsored jointly by the Flight Sciences Laboratory, Boeing Scientific Research Laboratories and the Air F, Author: John Olsen
Title: An Aquifer-Test Preprocessor for the Ground-Water Flow Model Calibration Program MODOPTIM and its Application to a Well Field in Duval County, Florida, Author: Nicasio Sepúlveda
Title: An Introduction to Hydraulics of Fine Sediment Transport, Author: Ashish J Mehta
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Title: An Introduction to Ocean Turbulence, Author: S. A. Thorpe
Title: An Introduction to Ocean Turbulence, Author: S. A. Thorpe
Title: An Introduction to Turbulent Flow / Edition 1, Author: Jean Mathieu
Title: An Update of the Distribution of Selected Radiochemical and Chemical Constituents in Perched Ground Water, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho, Emphasis 1999–2001, Author: Linda C. Davis
Title: Analysis and Control of Flows in Pressurized Hydraulic Networks: PhD, UNESCO-IHE Institute, Delft / Edition 1, Author: Rakesh Kumar Gupta

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