Title: Pipe Template Layout / Edition 1, Author: McGraw Hill
Title: The Theory of Homogeneous Turbulence, Author: G. K. Batchelor
Title: Windmills and Pumps of the Southwest, Author: Dick Hays
Title: Essentials of Hydraulic Fracturing: Vertical and Horizontal Wellbores, Author: Ralph Veatch
Title: Turbulence in the Ocean / Edition 1, Author: Monin
Title: The Ocean Surface: Wave Breaking, Turbulent Mixing and Radio Probing / Edition 1, Author: Y. Toba
Title: Theoretical Approaches to Turbulence / Edition 1, Author: D.L. Dwoyer
Title: Engineering Reliability and Risk in Water Resources / Edition 1, Author: L. Duckstein
Title: Topographic Waves in Channels and Lakes on the f-Plane, Author: Thomas Stocker
Title: Friction and Faulting, Author: TULLIS
Title: The Mathematical Theory of Turbulence / Edition 2, Author: M.M. Stanisic
Title: Controlling Electrohydraulic Systems / Edition 1, Author: Wayne Anderson
Title: Noise Control for Hydraulic Machinery / Edition 1, Author: Stan Skaistis
Title: Turbulent Reactive Flows, Author: R. Borghi
Title: Recent Advances in Hydraulic Physical Modelling / Edition 1, Author: R. Martins
Title: How to Make a Rope and Washer Pump, Author: Robert Lambert
Title: Filtering Techniques for Turbulent Flow Simulation, Author: Alvaro A. Aldama
Title: Movable Bed Physical Models / Edition 1, Author: Hsieh Wen Shen
Title: Dynamic Analysis of Non-Linear Structures by the Method of Statistical Quadratization, Author: M.G. Donley
Title: Turbulence and Coherent Structures / Edition 1, Author: O. Métais

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