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Title: If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty, Author: Eric Metaxas
Paperback $14.99 $17.00 Current price is $14.99, Original price is $17.00.
Title: Authoritarian Nightmare: Trump and His Followers, Author: John W. Dean
Title: Lost Kingdom: The Quest for Empire and the Making of the Russian Nation, Author: Serhii Plokhy
Hardcover $24.99 $32.00 Current price is $24.99, Original price is $32.00.
Title: Hong Kong's Journey to Reunification: Memoirs of Sze-yuen Chung, Author: Sze-yuen Chung
Title: Erasing America: Losing Our Future by Destroying Our Past, Author: James S. Robbins
Title: Kissinger's Shadow: The Long Reach of America's Most Controversial Statesman, Author: Greg Grandin
Title: The Last Empire: The Final Days of the Soviet Union, Author: Serhii Plokhy
Title: The People, No: A Brief History of Anti-Populism, Author: Thomas Frank
Title: Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism, Author: Mark R. Levin
Paperback $15.48 $16.99 Current price is $15.48, Original price is $16.99.
Title: France and the Dreyfus Affair: A Documentary History, Author: Michael Burns
Title: A Flag Worth Dying For: The Power and Politics of National Symbols, Author: Tim Marshall
Title: The Nationalist Revival: Trade, Immigration, and the Revolt Against Globalization, Author: John B. Judis
Title: The Reconstruction of Nations: Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, 15699, Author: Timothy Snyder
eBook $18.49 $24.00 Current price is $18.49, Original price is $24.00.
Title: Nationalism: A Very Short Introduction, Author: Steven Grosby
Title: The Case for Nationalism: How It Made Us Powerful, United, and Free, Author: Rich  Lowry
Hardcover $23.99 $26.99 Current price is $23.99, Original price is $26.99.
Title: America through Foreign Eyes, Author: Jorge G. Castañeda
Title: The Rise and Fall of the British Empire, Author: Lawrence James
Title: Middle Eastern Terrorism: From Black September to September 11, Author: Mark Ensalaco
Title: The Real Right Returns, Author: Daniel Friberg
Title: Atlantic Celts: Ancient People Of Modern Invention, Author: Simon James

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