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Title: The European Union and the accommodation of Basque difference in Spain, Author: Angela Bourne
Title: The Caribbean Postcolonial: Social Equality, Post/Nationalism, and Cultural Hybridity, Author: Shalini Puri
Title: The International Politics of Eurasia: v. 2: The Influence of National Identity / Edition 1, Author: S. Frederick Starr
Title: Ten Years After Helsinki: The Making Of The European Security Regime, Author: Kari Mottola
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Title: Islamic Reform and Arab Nationalism: Expanding the Crescent from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean (1880s-1930s), Author: Amal N. Ghazal
Title: Nationalism Today: Extreme Political Movements around the World [2 volumes], Author: M. Troy Burnett
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Title: France and the Great War, Author: Leonard V. Smith
Title: Nations and Nationalism in a Global Era / Edition 1, Author: Anthony D. Smith
Title: Sovietology, Rationality, Nationality: Coming to Grips with Nationalism in the U.S.S.R / Edition 1, Author: Alexander Motyl
Title: Socialism (1895), Author: Robert Flint
Title: Anarchism: A Criticism and History of the Anarchist Theory (ILLUSTRATED), Author: Ernst Victor Zenker
Title: Culture and the Politics of Third World Nationalism / Edition 1, Author: Dawa Norbu
Title: Inventing Europe, Author: NA NA
Title: The Construction of Nationhood: Ethnicity, Religion and Nationalism / Edition 1, Author: Adrian Hastings
Title: Media and Peace in the Middle East: The Role of Journalism in Israel-Palestine, Author: Giuliana Tiripelli
Title: Language and Identity in the Middle East and North Africa / Edition 1, Author: Yasir Suleiman
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Identity, Ignorance, Innovation: Why the old politics is useless - and what to do about it
Audiobook (Unabridged)

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Title: The Broken Olive Branch: Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, and the Quest for Peace in Cypruswo: Nationalism Versus Europeanization, Author: Harry Anastasiou
Title: Global Matrix: Nationalism, Globalism and State-Terrorism, Author: Tom Nairn
Title: Fascists, Author: Michael Mann

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