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Title: -196°: Science-fiction, Author: Geoffrey Van Hecke
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Title: . Et la lune saignait: Roman policier, Author: Jean-Claude Grivel
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Title: 10 SHERLOCK HOLMES - Die neuen Fälle Box 3: Aus den Tagebüchern von Dr. Watson, Author: diverse
Title: 13 Stolen Girls: A Layla Remington Mystery, Author: Gil Reavill
#2 in Series
Title: 13th Street Gang, Author: D. E. Harrison
#1 in Series
Title: 17 Russian HUNGARIAN - Queen of Spades General's Will Crime and Punishment Safety Match Knights of Industry Amputated Arms Manuscript Sealed Room Rector of Veilbye Living Death Thirteen at Table Dancing Bear Tower Room Count Kostia Last of the Costellos, Author: ALEXANDER SERGEIEVITCH PUSHKIN
Title: 1G: 6T Part-1, Author: James Phillips
Title: 2 Flawed Lawmen, Author: Wayne Meyer
Title: 21 - Zahlen des Todes: Thriller, Author: Mia Winter
#2 in Series
Title: 24 ore di follia, Author: Donatella Bettini
Title: 25 REAL LIFE DETECTIVE- A Flight into Texas Adventures in the Secret Service of the Post-Office Department An Erring Shepherd Aspirant for Congress Fortune of Seth Savage Wish Unexpectedly Gratified Old Game Revived Formidable Weapon Saint-Germain, Author: ARTHUR TRAIN
Title: 3 Gripping Jack McCall Mysteries, Author: David Bishop
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Title: 3 petits singes en Côte d'Armor: Les enquêtes de Bernie Andrew - Tome 2, Author: Bernard Enjolras
Title: 30 Minutes: Trust and Lies, Author: Marcus Blake
#1 in Series
Title: 36 Yalta Boulevard: A Novel, Author: Olen Steinhauer
Title: 3: 16, Author: Jeffrey Martin
Title: 42 Mystery Detective- Sending of Dana Da In the House of Suddhoo A Case of Identity Scandal in Bohemia Red-Headed League Baron's Quarry Fowl in the Pot Pavilion on the Links Dream Woman Haunted House No. I Branch Line and the Haunters Incantation Avenger, Author: Rudyard Kipling
Title: 5 Diables verts à Huelgoat: Une enquête diabolique en Bretagne, Author: Vincent Cabioch
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Title: 5 Pounds of Pressure: A Female Sleuth Thriller, Author: A. J. Lape
Title: 57 Chevy, Author: Mike Seigler

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