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Title: The Dead Romantics, Author: Ashley Poston
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Title: The Trouble with Whiskey: Dare Whiskey, Author: Melissa Foster
Title: After Indigo Irish Nights (The Unexpected Prince Charming: #4):, Author: Ava Miles
Title: Laugh, Swoon, and Fall in Love: Romance Series Starters, Author: Bethany Lopez
Title: Crazy, Wicked Love, Author: Melissa Foster
#3 in Series
Title: Then Came Love: Jax Braden, Author: Melissa Foster
Title: A Chip on Her Shoulder, Author: R. J. Blain
#15 in Series
Title: The Remingtons (Books 1-3, Boxed Set) Contemporary Romance, Author: Melissa Foster
Title: Caught by Love: Archer Steele, Author: Melissa Foster
Title: Shopping for a Highlander, Author: Julia Kent
Title: Wicked Whiskey Love, Author: Melissa Foster
Title: Small Towns, Fairy Tales, And Nora Roberts Land: Dare Valley Boxed Set 1-3, Author: Ava Miles
Title: Bayside Fantasies, Author: Melissa Foster
#6 in Series
Title: Driving Whiskey Wild (A Sexy Contemporary Romance), Author: Melissa Foster
Title: Hot for Love, Author: Melissa Foster
#7 in Series
Title: The Do-Over Boxed Set, Author: Julia Kent
Title: You Again, Author: Lauren Layne
Title: Taming My Whiskey, Author: Melissa Foster
#6 in Series
Title: Through Crimson Irish Light: The Unexpected Prince Charming #3, Author: Ava Miles
Title: Oak Creek: The Complete Small-town Romance Series, Author: Lainey Davis

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