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Title: Gilbert Stuart, Author: William T. Whitley
Title: The Painter Depicted: Painters as a Subject in Painting, Author: Michael Levey
Title: Sargent Portrait Drawings: 42 Works, Author: John Singer Sargent
Title: Portraits of Nathaniel Hawthorne: An Iconography, Author: Rita Gollin
Title: Cartooning the Head and Figure, Author: Jack Hamm
Title: Thomas Eakins: The Heroism of Modern Life, Author: Elizabeth Johns
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Title: The Elements of Life: Biography and Portrait-Painting in Stuart and Georgian England, Author: Richard Wendorf
Title: Faces of Power: Alexander's Image and Hellenistic Politics, Author: Andrew Stewart
Title: On Desperate Seas: A Biography of Gilbert Stuart, Author: James T. Flexner
Title: Anthony van Dyck: Thomas Howard, The Earl of Arundel, Author: Christopher White
Title: The Art of Reflection: Women Artists' Self-Portraiture in the Twentieth Century, Author: Marsha Meskimmon
Title: Velázquez in Seville, Author: David Davies
Title: Superportraits: Caricatures and Recognition / Edition 1, Author: Gillian Rhodes
Title: Superportraits: Caricatures and Recognition, Author: Gillian Rhodes
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Title: Portraiture: Facing the subject / Edition 1, Author: Joanna Woodall
Title: The Art and Science of Portraiture / Edition 1, Author: Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
Title: The Exceptional Woman: Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun and the Cultural Politics of Art, Author: Mary D. Sheriff
Title: Pontormo: Portrait of a Halberdier, Author: Elizabeth Cropper
Title: This Other Eden: Paintings from the Yale Center for British Art, Author: Malcolm Warner
Title: John Singer Sargent, Author: Elaine Kilmurray

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