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Title: Rangers and Sovereignty, Author: Dan Roberts
Title: Six Years with the Texas Rangers, 1875 to 1881, Author: James B. Gillett
Title: Mary Austin Holley: A Biography, Author: Rebecca Smith Lee
Title: The Texas Rangers: A Century of Frontier Defense, Author: Walter Prescott Webb
Title: The Life of Stephen F. Austin, Founder of Texas, 1793-1836: A Chapter in the Westward Movement of the Anglo-American People, Author: Eugene C. Barker
Title: The People's Party in Texas: A Study in Third Party Politics, Author: Roscoe Martin
Title: Reconstruction in Texas, Author: Charles William Ramsdell
Title: My Girlhood Among Outlaws, Author: Lily Klasner
Title: Land of the Underground Rain: Irrigation on the Texas High Plains, 1910-1970, Author: Donald E. Green
Title: Recollections of Early Texas: Memoirs of John Holland Jenkins, Author: John Holmes Jenkins III
Title: Three Friends: Roy Bedichek, J. Frank Dobie, Walter Prescott Webb, Author: William A. Owens
Title: Pictorial Anatomy of the Cat / Edition 1, Author: Stephen G. Gilbert
Title: Six Years with the Texas Rangers, 1875 to 1881, Author: James B. Gillett
Title: A Journey through Texas; or, a Saddle-Trip on the Southwestern Frontier, Author: Frederick Law Olmsted
Title: A Time to Stand, Author: Walter Lord
Title: Coronado's Children: Tales of Lost Mines and Buried Treasures of the Southwest, Author: J. Frank Dobie
Title: The Establishment In Texas Politics, Author: George N. Green
Title: The Cypress and Other Writings of a German Pioneer in Texas, Author: Hermann Seele
Title: Lambshead before Interwoven: A Texas Range Chronicle, 1848-1878, Author: Frances Mayhugh Holden
Title: Black Gold and Red Lights, Author: Jerry Sinise

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