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Title: Churchill and Roosevelt, Volume 1: The Complete Correspondence - Three Volumes, Author: Warren F. Kimball
Title: Jefferson's Memorandum Books, Volume 1: Accounts, with Legal Records and Miscellany, 1767-1826, Author: Thomas Jefferson
Title: Papers of John Adams, Volumes 9 and 10: March-December 1780, Author: John Adams
Title: Papers of John Adams, Volumes 7 and 8: September 1778 - February 1780, Author: John Adams
Title: Papers of John Adams, Volumes 5 and 6: August 1776 - July 1778, Author: John Adams
Title: Papers of John Adams, Volumes 1 and 2: September 1755 - April 1775, Author: John Adams
Title: Die Eisenhower-Administration und die zweite Berlinkrise, 1958-1961, Author: Christian Bremen
Title: Papers of John Adams, Volumes 3 and 4: May 1775 - August 1776, Author: John Adams
Title: A Companion to Theodore Roosevelt / Edition 1, Author: Serge Ricard
Title: America Imperiled, Trump and the Restoration of National Values, Author: Donald K. Sharpes
Title: A Companion to George Washington / Edition 1, Author: Edward G. Lengel
Title: Eisenhower's New-Look National Security Policy, 1953-61, Author: S. Dockrill
Title: James Monroe : Ensuring National Security With an Instinct for Command, Author: Barbara Bennett Peterson Ph.d.
Title: A Companion to Gerald R. Ford and Jimmy Carter / Edition 1, Author: Scott Kaufman
Title: A Companion to Dwight D. Eisenhower / Edition 1, Author: Chester J. Pach
Title: The United States Executive Branch [2 volumes]: A Biographical Directory of Heads of State and Cabinet Officials, Author: David B. Sicilia
Title: An Autobiography., Author: Theodore. Roosevelt
Title: African game trails : an account of the African wanderings of an American hunter-naturalist, Author: Theodore Roosevelt
Title: American Presidents Year by Year, Author: Julie Nelson
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Title: The Early Life of Abraham Lincoln, Author: Ida M. Tarbell

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