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Title: 'Tis The Season, Author: Judith Arnold
Title: 'U' Stand Alone, Author: steven parks
Title: (W)hole, Author: Ruth Madison
Title: 10 Holiday Stories: A Collection, Author: Dara Girard
Title: 100% That Witch (Real Men RomanceParanormal Witch Romance): Paranormal Chick Lit, Author: Celia Kyle
Title: 10th Anniversary: Shades of Gray #5 Night of the Twilight- The Chimera Strain, Author: Kristie Lynn Higgins
Title: 12 Bliss Street: A Novel, Author: Martha Conway
Title: 12 Weeks of Winter and Beyond: Uncharted Territory After Sudden Death, Author: Sandy McBay
Title: 150 Pounds: A Novel of Waists and Measures, Author: Kate Rockland
Title: 20 Times a Lady: A Novel, Author: Karyn Bosnak
Title: 21 Steps to Happiness, Author: F. G. Gerson
Title: 21st Century Rake (Heart's Ease, #4), Author: Victoria Barbour
Title: 32 Candles: A Novel, Author: Ernessa T. Carter
Title: 32AA, Author: Michelle Cunnah
Title: 34 Seconds, Author: Stella Samuel
Title: 36 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World, Author: Khatri Vikas
Title: 36C, Author: Barbara Quinn
Title: 4 To 16 Characters, Author: Kelly Hourihan

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