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Title: That Weekend, Author: Kara Thomas
Title: House of Salt and Sorrows, Author: Erin A. Craig
Title: The Hoodie Girl, Author: Yuen Wright
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Title: White Smoke, Author: Tiffany D. Jackson
Title: Daughter of Sparta, Author: Claire Andrews
#1 in Series
Title: Bluebird, Author: Sharon Cameron
Title: Belle Morte, Author: Bella Higgin
#1 in Series
Title: Black Birds in the Sky: The Story and Legacy of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, Author: Brandy Colbert
Title: They'll Never Catch Us, Author: Jessica Goodman
Title: The Girl from the Sea, Author: Molly Knox Ostertag
Title: Boy Meets Boy (B&N Exclusive Edition), Author: David Levithan
Title: Squad, Author: Maggie Tokuda-Hall
Title: The Witch King, Author: H.E. Edgmon
#1 in Series
Title: We Are Inevitable, Author: Gayle Forman
Title: The Monarchs, Author: Kass Morgan
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Title: The Keeper of Night, Author: Kylie Lee Baker
#1 in Series
Title: The Passing Playbook, Author: Isaac Fitzsimons
Title: We Can't Keep Meeting Like This, Author: Rachel Lynn Solomon
Title: All These Bodies, Author: Kendare Blake
Title: An Arrow to the Moon, Author: Emily X.R. Pan

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