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Title: God, Freedom and Immortality, Author: Jonathan Harrison
Title: An Essay in Aid of A Grammar of Assent, Author: John Henry Newman
Title: The Blackwell Companion to the Bible and Culture / Edition 1, Author: John F. A. Sawyer
Title: Exile and Restoration in Jewish Thought: An Essay In Interpretation, Author: Ralph Keen
Title: The Bible and the Crisis of Meaning: Debates on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture, Author: Christopher Spinks
Title: Help My Unbelief: James Joyce and Religion, Author: Geert Lernout
Title: The Maturity of Belief: Critically Assessing Religious Faith, Author: Kevin Twain Lowery
Title: What Are We Doing When We Pray?: On Prayer and the Nature of Faith / Edition 1, Author: Vincent Brümmer
Title: Together Bound: God, History, and the Religious Community, Author: Frank G. Kirkpatrick
Title: Women Choosing Silence: Relationality and Transformation in Spiritual Practice / Edition 1, Author: Alison Woolley
Title: God and Goodness: A natural theological perspective / Edition 1, Author: Mark Wynn
Title: On Belief / Edition 1, Author: Slavoj Zizek
Title: Trusting Others, Trusting God: Concepts of Belief, Faith and Rationality / Edition 1, Author: Sheela Pawar
Title: Dying, Grieving, Faith, and Family: A Pastoral Care Approach / Edition 1, Author: Harold G Koenig
Title: Religion and Material Culture: The Matter of Belief / Edition 1, Author: David Morgan
Title: An Essay in Aid of A Grammar of Assent, Author: John Henry Cardinal Newman Pre-Order Now
Title: Ethnographies of Doubt: Faith and Uncertainty in Contemporary Societies, Author: M. E. Pelkmans
Title: Reason And Religious Faith, Author: Terence Penelhum
Title: Faith and Place: An Essay in Embodied Religious Epistemology, Author: Mark R. Wynn
Title: Erleben und Deuten: Dogmatische Reflexionen im Anschluss an Ulrich Barth. Festschrift zum 70. Geburtstag, Author: Ulrich Barth

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