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Title: A Blessies Christmas Dream, Continued: It's Almost Christmas Time Again Already!, Author: Ralph Hartman
Title: A Gift of Gracias, Author: Julia Alvarez
Title: A Night Time Story, Author: Roberto Aliaga
Title: A Puppy for Lily, Author: Delana Inman
Title: A Symphony of Whales, Author: Steve Schuch
Title: Abby's Favorite Color!, Author: Shenika Eayrs
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Title: Across the Stream, Author: Mirra Ginsburg
Title: Adventures in Sugar Wonderland: Candy-Coated Dreams, Author: Deonna Young
Title: Aidan and the Cardboard box!, Author: Roberta Pottinger
Title: Always Dreamin', Author: Catherine Hapka
#2 in Series
Title: Andy Panda Wants to Fly!, Author: Patty Monfeli
Title: Appelemando's Dreams, Author: Patricia Polacco
Title: Bakey-Wakey, Little Baby! (Hardcover): Bakey-Wakey, Little Baby with FAHAM Award Seal, Author: Marylaine Louise Lagran Viernes
Title: Beardream, Author: Will Hobbs
Title: Bedtime for Tad, Author: Adam Nicely
Title: Bedtime With Blippi, Author: Stevin John
Title: Before I Wake Up., Author: Britta Teckentrup
Title: Boat of Dreams, Author: Rogério Coelho
Title: Bob Goes to the Chess Tournament, Author: Ziyu Huang
#1 in Series

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