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Title: Let's Get A Pup! Said Kate, Author: Bob Graham
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Title: #14 Latanya The Fly Girl on the Court: The Hot Freshman 15 Series, Author: Destiny Gates
Title: #baby, Author: Michael Joosten
Title: #galaxygirl, Author: Bev Smith
#1 in Series
Title: ''Not Now!'' Said the Cow, Author: Joanne Oppenheim
Title: 'Friends by Accident, Author: Ielah Pratt
Title: 'HUH' IS NOT A WORD, Author: Millicent Nigrosh
Title: 'The Time Flyers', Author: Ross McLeod
Title: 'Tis the Off-Season, Author: Belle Payton
#10 in Series
Title: 'Twas the Night before Mardi Gras!, Author: Tiecha Keiffer
Title: (George), Author: E. L. Konigsburg
Title: (Un)arranged Marriage, Author: Bali Rai
Title: -The Tattoo, Author: Ronald Destra
Title: ...And Now Miguel: A Newbery Award Winner, Author: Joseph Krumgold

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