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Title: What Lies Underneath And Other Stories, Author: Kathryn Gailey
Title: Three Wonderfully Weird Stories, Author: Jean Escobar
Title: A Robot's Venusian Investment, Author: Logan Streondj
Title: Renegade Elements (Volume 1), Author: Aaron Utain-Evans
Title: The Complete Wheel of Time, Author: Robert Jordan
Title: STRANDED/The Movie, Author: Dr. John Logan
Title: Roygbiv - Jilliahsmen Trinity 2.0, Author: JILLIAH
Title: A Pathfinder Tales Collection: Lord of Runes, Liar's Island, Beyond the Pool of Stars, Bloodbound, Pirate's Prophecy, Hellknight, Liar's Bargain, Starspawn, Shy Knives, Reaper's Eye, Through the Gate in the Sea, Gears of Faith, Author: Paizo Publishing LLC.
Title: The Three-Story Fight, Author: Airon Wasson
Title: Leuron, Author: Ukvard Mil
Title: Pagewalker, Author: C. Mahood
Title: Mind and Magic, Author: Peter Quattrone
Title: Fantastical Tales, Author: Sarah Monk
Title: The Alternative History of the Origins of Black People, Author: Menelik Cc Ngene
Title: Cleaning Up at Slab's, Author: John Gregory Betancourt
Title: Trilogia Vneplanovaa zizn. Kniga vtoraa. Unost., Author: An Tsvet
Title: Zemla... Zacem? (russian edition), Author: An Tsvet
Title: Perfect 10 SciFi Space / Marine / Military Plots #17 Complete Collection: Premium Pre-Made Novel Writing System, Author: Perfect 10 Plots
Title: A Grand Tour Collection: Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Tales of the Grand Tour, Powersat, Mercury, Titan, Mars Life, Leviathans of Jupiter, Farside, New Earth, Author: Ben Bova
Title: Trilogia Vneplanovaa zizn. Kniga pervaa. Detstvo., Author: An Tsvet

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