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Title: Islam and the Media / Edition 1, Author: Anna Piela
Title: Religion, Pilgrimage, and Tourism / Edition 1, Author: Alex Norman
Title: Islam: Critical Concepts in Sociology / Edition 1, Author: Professor Bryan S Turner
Title: Education and Religion / Edition 1, Author: James Arthur
Title: Comparative Religious Ethics / Edition 1, Author: Charles Mathewes
Title: Religion and Media / Edition 1, Author: Danielle L. Kirby
Title: Islam in the West / Edition 1, Author: David Westerlund
Title: Islamic Political Thought and Governance, Author: Abdullah Saeed
Title: World Islam: Critical Concepts in Islamic Studies / Edition 1, Author: Andrew Rippin
Title: Spinoza: Critical Assessments: Four Volume Set / Edition 1, Author: Genevieve Lloyd
Title: The Sociology of Religion, Author: Steve Bruce
Title: International Handbook of the Religious, Moral and Spiritual Dimensions in Education, Author: Marian de Souza
Title: Cultural Exchange in Early Modern Europe 4 Volume Hardback Set, Author: Heinz Schilling
Title: Encyclopedia of Monasticism / Edition 1, Author: William M. Johnston
Title: Encyclopedia of Modern Jewish Culture / Edition 1, Author: Glenda Abramson
Title: The Old English Boethius: An Edition of the Old English Versions of Boethius's De Consolatione Philosophiae, Author: Malcolm Godden
Title: The Roman Spirit - In Religion, Thought and Art, Author: Albert Grenier
Title: The Routledge Encyclopedia of Ancient Mediterranean Religions / Edition 1, Author: Eric Orlin
Title: Dictionary of Ethics, Theology and Society / Edition 1, Author: Paul A. B. Clarke
Title: Predigten 1820-1821, Author: Elisabeth Blumrich

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