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Title: Dara & Nick, Author: Lauren Oliver
Title: Sacrament, Author: Jim Miesner
Title: Curl up and Dye: Vol. III More off the top never stop, Author: Geltab
Title: Eric Liddell: Something Greater Than Gold, Author: Janet Benge
Title: Hasta la última palabra, Author: Tamara Ireland Stone
Title: Midnight Angel (Vampire Romance), Author: Carol Matthews
Title: The Spell Speakers: A Whyland Intro Novella, Author: Day Leitao
Title: Savior (Residue Series #3), Author: Laury Falter
Title: Covenant, Author: Maria Rachel Hooley
Title: The MOTHER Principle, Author: S. Atzeni
Title: Davenport House Prequel: Debutante, Author: Marie Silk
Title: A Witchy Mistake, Author: Rhonda Hopkins
Title: Marked by Fate: Origins, Author: Kristin D Van Risseghem
Title: The Gathering (Werewolf Romance), Author: Carol Matthews
Title: Ghost Huntress: The Tidings, Author: Marley Gibson
Title: A Bella Vita Halloween Story, Author: Jesse Kimmel-Freeman
Title: A Lost Legacy: Wandering, Author: C.E Dimond
Title: Burning Fate, Author: Claire Luana
Title: Lillian Trasher: The Greatest Wonder in Egypt, Author: Janet Benge
Title: Dimension Keeper, Author: Kristen L. Jackson

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