Title: Student Short Guides to the Mind, Author: John Schmitz
Title: Napraforgók vagyunk: Jennifer, Author: Anna Stargood
Title: Awake, Author: Eric Barnes
Title: Kepler One: The Choosing, Author: TP Keane
Title: Love and Lies, Author: Nurul Aryani
Title: New Evangelization Culture, Author: MARGO SNYDER
Title: Parable of a Fairytale, Author: Arias
by Arias
Title: Taking Chances, Author: Nancy Pennick
#4 in Series
Title: Coloring Outside the Lines, Author: Aimee Cooper
Title: Evolution (Evolution Series Book 1), Author: Kelly Carrero
Title: Tamatiestraat, Author: Henning Janse van Vuuren
Title: Cursed (The Thorne Trilogy #1), Author: R. K. Ryals
#1 in Series
Title: The Firestone, Author: Ian McFarlane
#2 in Series
Title: Empire of The Great Wise One, Author: Stephen Tearle
Title: The Journal, Author: Lori Meyer
Title: A vilã da história (Série Um conto de uma fada - 1), Author: Valentina Linz
Title: Destiny's Hand, Volume 1, Author: Nunzio DeFilippis
Title: How to Survive The Hunger Games: A Brief Look at Katniss's Survival Strategy, Author: Lois H. Gresh
Title: Endgame: The Calling Sampler, Author: James Frey
Title: The Ultimate Sacrifice, Author: Talia Jager
#1 in Series

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