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Title: Short Stories Collection of Love, Loss, and Perseverance, Author: Angela Mireles
Title: Ghost Hand (The PSS Chronicles #1), Author: Ripley Patton
Title: Story Crush Teen Sampler, Author: Various
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Title: Mists of Destiny (A Collection), Author: Nona Mae King
Title: Sleeping Beauty No More, Author: Aisha Urooj
#2 in Series
Title: Fashion Fraud, Author: Jamie Campbell
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Title: A Slummy Christmas, Author: Sunday Eyitayo Michael
Title: Blood Pact, Author: Sharon Rose Mayes
Title: Farmhouse #1 (of 7), Author: Elizabeth J. Musgrave
Title: The Weathermakers (Rebelutionaries Series: Book 1), Author: Beau Cornerstone
#1 in Series
Title: Witcheries in Paris, Author: Leora C. Waldman
Title: Keitai Friends, Author: James Pollard
Title: #CincoDeMayo 110 (Edizione Italiana), Author: I. D. Oro
#110 in Series
Title: Dream Magic: Awakenings, Author: Dawn Harshaw
Title: Chain Reaction : A Short Story (Prequel to Haunting Joy), Author: Lena Goldfinch
Title: Five Shades of Fantasy, Author: W.J. May
Title: The Batsters, Author: Jennifer Gisselbrecht Hyena
Title: Heartshire High, Author: Charlotte Leonetti
Title: Wind Warrior, Author: Jon Messenger
#1 in Series
Title: Dawn's Acapella, Author: Libby Robare

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