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Title: Dracula Everlasting, Volume 2, Author: Nunzio DeFilippis
Title: Gelminty ili neveroatnye priklucenia doktora Baera, Author: Yozha Kotsun
Title: Shattered, Author: Stephanie D. Mitchell
Title: Afscheid van Phantome, Author: M.G. Crow
Title: Criminal Offence :X, Author: Briana Lagos
Title: A Wizardry Novel and the Heart of the Dragon, Author: Kevin McGowan
Title: Nest of Intrigue, Author: Rachel L Saunders
Title: La Quete Des Heros (Tome 1 De L'anneau Du Sorcier), Author: Morgan Rice
Title: Ahab's Daughter, Author: Ron Vitale
#1 in Series
Title: The First Voice: Song of Teeth 1, Author: Eve Hathaway
Title: The Nightcomer : A Morbid Tale #3, Author: Zachery Miller
Title: Ta Ta for Now!, Author: Bethany Lopez
#1 in Series
Title: The Pirates and The Trolls, Author: Dory Lee Maske
Title: Glimpse: The Complete Trilogy, Author: Sara Jamieson
Title: The Dream, Author: Kiran Kavikondala
Title: Vampire Court: White Pawn, Author: Ingrid Seymour
#1 in Series
Title: Solo chi lo merita: Come funziona lacciaioLibro 1, Author: Morgan Rice
#1 in Series
Title: Why I Won't Wear White, Author: And Palladino
Title: Infusion, Author: Faye Carlisle
Title: DDsE, Book 1, Author: Sue Perry
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