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Title: Dark Veil, Author: S.L. Naeole
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Title: Persephone, Author: Eva Pohler
Title: Dietrich Bonhoeffer: In the Midst of Wickedness, Author: Janet Benge
Title: Soulless: The Story of Shayan (Prequel to The Soul Quest Trilogy), Author: Amy Jones
Title: The Donkey and The Mule, Author: Hubert Severe
Title: House of Ravens: A Shadow Atlas Novel, Author: Jenny Sandiford
Title: The Ring, Author: S. L. Carlson
Title: Marked by Fate: Origins, Author: Kristin D Van Risseghem
Title: Million Dollar Productivity, Author: Kevin J. Anderson
Title: Tristis Manor, Author: J. R. Wagner
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Title: From the Shadows, Author: KB Shaw
Title: Skid Out, Author: Ann Marie Frohoff
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Title: Hasta la última palabra, Author: Tamara Ireland Stone
Title: La cripta del apostol, Author: Pere Tobaruela
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Title: The Visionary: A Dystopian Sci-Fi, Author: J. C. Gemmell
Title: Mentiras peligrosas, Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
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Title: In the Service of Dragons, Author: Robert Stanek
Title: Masquerade, Author: Ashley Walker
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Title: The Vampire Rules, Author: Michelle Madow
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Title: El chico de oro, Author: Abigail Tarttelin
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