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Title: Reaper, Author: Dannielle Wicks
Title: Mages By Chance: Birthright #1, Author: Terah Edun
Title: Square One: Origins of Sekhmet Book Three, Author: Aaron Solomon
Title: Soul (Vampin Book Series #18), Author: Jamie Ott
Title: The Round Loaf, Author: David Hockey
Title: Scheming at TAC, Author: Richard Pinkerton
Title: Over the Top and other stories, Author: Stone de Rouffignac
Title: Til Queendom Come, Author: Cassandra Riedel
Title: Cindy Guenard: Transit Cop #3, Author: Aaron Solomon
Title: Story Of My Life, Author: A.M Styles
Title: What About Bob?, Author: Annie Jean Brewer
Title: Chasing Forever Down, Author: Nikki Chartier
Title: Children Of Fate, Author: Daniel Veri
Title: Immortal Souls: The Immortal Souls, Magic & Chaos, Author: Karen M. Dillon
Title: Demon Trackers: The Anointed, Author: Clover Autrey
Title: Life Lessons from a Tree, Author: Kate Everson
Title: Hayley's Journal, Author: Sonya White-Bujold
Title: Rite of Passage, Author: Rowlen Delaware Vanderstone III
Title: Tin Universe Monthly #6, Author: Brian C. Williams
Title: CustardQuest II, Author: Custard Marks

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