Title: Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals / Edition 1, Author: Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic
Title: Big Data MBA: Driving Business Strategies with Data Science / Edition 1, Author: Bill Schmarzo
Title: Tableau 9: The Official Guide / Edition 2, Author: George Peck
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Title: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for InfoSec Managers, Author: John Rittinghouse
Title: Using SAP ERP: An Introduction for Beginners and Business Users / Edition 3, Author: Olaf Schulz
Title: Business Computing, Author: Gediminas Adomavicius
Title: Recent Developments in Decision Support Systems / Edition 1, Author: Clyde W. Holsapple
Title: Business Process Modelling with ARIS: A Practical Guide / Edition 1, Author: Rob Davis
Title: Guide to Enterprise IT Architecture / Edition 1, Author: Col Perks
Title: Information Technology Strategies: How Leading Firms Use IT to Gain an Advantage / Edition 1, Author: William V. Rapp
Title: Computer Supported Cooperative Work: Issues and Implications for Workers, Organizations, and Human Resource Management / Edition 1, Author: Michael D. Coovert
Title: Intelligent Manufacturing Planning / Edition 1, Author: P. Gu
Title: Business and the Grid: Economic and Transparent Utilization of Virtual Resources, Volume 95 Dissertations in Database and Information Systems, Author: T. Weishaupl
Title: Information Systems Today: Why IS Matters / Edition 2, Author: Leonard Jessup
Title: Decision Making: Recent Developments and Worldwide Applications / Edition 1, Author: Stelios H. Zanakis
Title: Computing in Organizations: Myth and Experience / Edition 1, Author: Debra  Gimlin
Title: Neural Networks in Finance: Gaining Predictive Edge in the Market / Edition 1, Author: Paul D. McNelis
Title: Budgeting: Technology, Trends, Software Selection, and Implementation / Edition 1, Author: Nils H. Rasmussen
Title: Integrated And Collaborative Product Development Environment: Technologies And Implementations, Author: Andrew Yeh Ching Nee
Title: Trading on the Edge: Neural, Genetic, and Fuzzy Systems for Chaotic Financial Markets / Edition 1, Author: Guido J. Deboeck

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