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Title: Encyclopedia of Modern French Thought / Edition 1, Author: Christopher John Murray
Title: Scientific American Inventions and Discoveries: All the Milestones in Ingenuity--From the Discovery of Fire to the Invention of the Microwave Oven / Edition 1, Author: Rodney  Carlisle
Title: The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Volume 13: Gender / Edition 1, Author: Nancy Bercaw
Title: Encyclopedia of Nursing Research / Edition 4, Author: Joyce J. Fitzpatrick PhD
Title: The Culture of Diagram / Edition 1, Author: John Bender
Title: Encyclopedia of Time / Edition 1, Author: Samuel L. Macey
Title: Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases: Modern Methodologies / Edition 1, Author: Michel Tibayrenc
Title: Paris - Wien: Enzyklop�dien im Vergleich / Edition 1, Author: Elisabeth Nemeth
Title: Cities of the Middle East and North Africa: A Historical Encyclopedia, Author: Michael Richard Thomas Dumper
Title: Encyclopedia of Criminology / Edition 1, Author: J. Mitchell Miller
Title: Using Wikis for Online Collaboration: The Power of the Read-Write Web / Edition 1, Author: James A. West
Title: Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy, Author: J. Baird Callicott
Title: Broadway: An Encyclopedia / Edition 2, Author: Ken Bloom
Title: Star Struck: An Encyclopedia of Celebrity Culture, Author: Sam Riley
Title: The Beaulieu Encyclopedia of the Automobile / Edition 1, Author: Nick Georgano
Title: Encyclopedia of War and American Society / Edition 1, Author: Peter Karsten
Title: Knowledge Acquisition from a Collaboratively Generated Encyclopedia - Vol. 327 Dissertations in Artificial Intelligence, Author: S.P. Ponzetto
Title: A-Z British Coachbuilders: 1919-1960 / Edition 2, Author: Nick Walker
Title: Music in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: An Encyclopedia / Edition 1, Author: William Forde Thompson
Title: The Routledge Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology / Edition 2, Author: Alan Barnard

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