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Title: Metaphysics, Volume II: Books 10-14. Oeconomica. Magna Moralia, Author: Aristotle
Title: The Great Chain of Being: A Study of the History of an Idea, Author: Arthur O. Lovejoy
Title: World Hypotheses: A Study in Evidence / Edition 1, Author: Stephen C. Pepper
Title: Discourse on Metaphysics / Edition 2, Author: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Title: From Substance to Subject: Studies in Hegel / Edition 1, Author: Nathan Rotenstreich
Title: Problems from Locke / Edition 1, Author: J. L. Mackie
Title: Space, Time, and Spacetime / Edition 1, Author: Lawrence Sklar
Title: Scientific Materialism in Nineteenth Century Germany / Edition 1, Author: F. Gregory
Title: Introduction to Aristotle's Theory of Being as Being / Edition 1, Author: W. Marx
Title: Dispositions / Edition 1, Author: R. Tuomela
Title: Existence et Existents / Edition 1, Author: E. Levinas
Title: Substance and Attribute: A Study in Ontology / Edition 1, Author: Michael J. Loux
Title: Universalizability: A Study in Morals and Metaphysics / Edition 1, Author: W. Rabinowicz
Title: Person and Object: A Metaphysical Study, Author: Roderick M Chisholm
Title: The Possible and the Actual: Readings in the Metaphysics of Modality / Edition 1, Author: Michael Loux
Title: Ideas Pertaining to a Pure Phenomenology and to a Phenomenological Philosophy: Third Book: Phenomenology and the Foundation of the Sciences / Edition 1, Author: Edmund Husserl
Title: Reforging the Great Chain of Being: Studies of the History of Modal Theories / Edition 1, Author: Simo Knuuttila
Title: The Theory of Categories / Edition 1, Author: F.C. Brentano
Title: Space and Incongruence: The Origin of Kant's Idealism / Edition 1, Author: J.V. Buroker
Title: The Great Chain of Being and Italian Phenomenology / Edition 1, Author: A.A. Bello

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