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Title: The Routledge Handbook of Metametaphysics / Edition 1, Author: Ricki Bliss
Title: This Is Metaphysics: An Introduction / Edition 1, Author: Kris McDaniel
Title: Social Ontology, Sociocultures, and Inequality in the Global South / Edition 1, Author: Benjamin Baumann
Title: A Companion to Relativism / Edition 1, Author: Steven D. Hales
Title: Time Travel: Probability and Impossibility, Author: Nikk Effingham
Title: God, Existence, and Fictional Objects: The Case for Meinongian Theism, Author: John-Mark L. Miravalle
Title: Materiality, Author: Daniel Miller
Title: Descartes and the Ontology of Everyday Life, Author: Deborah J. Brown
Title: Future Metaphysics / Edition 1, Author: Armen Avanessian
Title: Current Controversies in Metaphysics / Edition 1, Author: Elizabeth Barnes
Title: Groundwork for the Practice of the Good Life: Politics and Ethics at the Intersection of North Atlantic and African Philosophy / Edition 1, Author: Omedi Ochieng
Title: Data Selves: More-than-Human Perspectives / Edition 1, Author: Deborah Lupton
Title: Hermias: On Plato Phaedrus 227A-245E, Author: Dirk Baltzly
Title: Metametaphysics and the Sciences: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives / Edition 1, Author: Frode Kjosavik
Title: Power and Influence: The Metaphysics of Reductive Explanation, Author: Richard Corry
Title: Theories of Geographic Concepts: Ontological Approaches to Semantic Integration / Edition 1, Author: Marinos Kavouras
Title: Toward a Metaphysics of Culture / Edition 1, Author: Joseph Margolis
Title: Deleuze and Becoming, Author: Samantha Bankston
Title: Meaning Diminished: Toward Metaphysically Modest Semantics, Author: Kenneth A. Taylor
Title: Restructuring Capitalism: Materialism and Spiritualism in Business / Edition 1, Author: Rogene Buchholz

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