Title: The Percussionist's Art: Same Bed, Different Dreams / Edition 1, Author: Steven Schick
Title: Song: A Guide to Art Song Style and Literature / Edition 1, Author: Carol Kimball
Title: The Wagner Operas, Author: Ernest Newman
Title: Opera as Drama: Fiftieth Anniversary Edition / Edition 1, Author: Joseph Kerman
Title: What to Listen For in Rock: A Stylistic Analysis, Author: Ken Stephenson
Title: Listen / Edition 9, Author: Joseph Kerman
Title: The Art of Quartet Playing: The Guarneri Quartet in Conversation with David Blum / Edition 1, Author: David Blum
Title: Alfred's Essentials of Jazz Theory, Bk 1: Book & CD, Author: Shelly Berg
Title: Listen to This / Edition 4, Author: Mark Evan Bonds PhD
Title: The Rock Canon: Canonical Values in the Reception of Rock Albums / Edition 1, Author: CarysWyn Jones
Title: The Norton Anthology of Western Music / Edition 7, Author: J. Peter Burkholder
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Title: The Organ Music of J. S. Bach / Edition 2, Author: Peter Williams
Title: Mahler's Sixth Symphony: A Study in Musical Semiotics, Author: Robert Samuels
Title: Robert Schumann: The Book of Songs, Author: Jon W. Finson
Title: A Soviet Credo: Shostakovich's Fourth Symphony / Edition 1, Author: Pauline Fairclough
Title: Noise Orders: Jazz, Improvision, and Architecture, Author: David S. Brown
Title: World of Music / Edition 6, Author: David Willoughby
Title: Noise Music: A History / Edition 1, Author: Paul Hegarty
Title: Pleasure and Meaning in the Classical Symphony / Edition 1, Author: Melanie Lowe
Title: The Concerto, Author: ABC-CLIO

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