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Title: Dreadnought Gunnery and the Battle of Jutland: The Question of Fire Control / Edition 1, Author: John Brooks
Title: Sacred Vessels: The Cult of the Battleship and the Rise of the U.S. Navy / Edition 1, Author: Robert L. O'Connell
Title: The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783, Author: Alfred Thayer Mahan
Title: A History of Ironclads: The Power of Iron Over Wood, Author: John V. Quarstein
Title: Lifeline of the Confederacy: Blockade Running During the Civil War, Author: Stephen R. Wise
Title: The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean, Author: David Abulafia
Title: The Barbarian Invasions: History of the Art of War, Volume II, Author: Hans Delbrück
Title: Imperial Defence, 1868-1887: Donald Mackenzie Schurman / Edition 1, Author: Donald MacKenzie Schurman
Title: The Royal Navy and the Capital Ship in the Interwar Period: An Operational Perspective / Edition 1, Author: Joseph Moretz
Title: India's Maritime Strategy: Balancing Regional Ambitions and China / Edition 1, Author: Shishir Upadhyaya
Title: The Greco-Persian Wars / Edition 1, Author: Peter Green
Title: The Royal Navy and Nuclear Weapons / Edition 1, Author: Richard Moore
Title: Medieval Naval Warfare 1000-1500 / Edition 1, Author: Susan Rose
Title: Pigboat 39: An American Sub Goes to War / Edition 1, Author: Bobette Gugliotta
Title: Royal Navy Strategy in the Far East 1919-1939: Planning for War Against Japan / Edition 1, Author: Andrew Field
Title: Guide to Naval Writing / Edition 2, Author: Robert Shenk
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Title: German Naval Strategy, 1856-1888: Forerunners to Tirpitz / Edition 1, Author: David H. Olivier
Title: The Washington Conference, 1921-22: Naval Rivalry, East Asian Stability and the Road to Pearl Harbor / Edition 1, Author: Erik Goldstein
Title: Naval Blockades in Peace and War: An Economic History since 1750, Author: Lance E. Davis
Title: When Computers Went to Sea: The Digitization of the United States Navy / Edition 1, Author: David L. Boslaugh

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