Title: M&A Information Technology Best Practices / Edition 1, Author: Janice M. Roehl-Anderson
Title: Wireshark Network Analysis (Second Edition): The Official Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Study Guide / Edition 2, Author: Laura Chappell
Title: The Wireshark Field Guide: Analyzing and Troubleshooting Network Traffic, Author: Robert Shimonski
Title: Enterprise Architecture As Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business Execution / Edition 1, Author: Jeanne W. Ross
Title: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for InfoSec Managers, Author: John Rittinghouse
Title: Learn Active Directory Management in a Month of Lunches / Edition 1, Author: Richard Siddaway
Title: Virtual Working: Social and Organisational Dynamics / Edition 1, Author: Paul Jackson
Title: Information and Communication Overload in the Digital Age, Author: Rui Pedro Figueiredo Marques
Title: Management of Health Information: Functions & Applications / Edition 2, Author: Leah Grebner
Title: Web 2.0 and Beyond: Understanding the New Online Business Models, Trends, and Technologies, Author: Tom Funk
Title: Expert Systems Application, Author: Eric Ericson
Title: Enterprise Operations Management Handbook, Second Edition: Handbook / Edition 2, Author: Steven F. Blanding
Title: Enterprise Systems Integration / Edition 2, Author: Judith M. Myerson
Title: CIO Survival Guide: The Roles and Responsibilities of the Chief Information Officer / Edition 1, Author: Karl D. Schubert
Title: Information Technology Strategies: How Leading Firms Use IT to Gain an Advantage / Edition 1, Author: William V. Rapp
Title: Managing Business and Service Networks / Edition 1, Author: Lundy Lewis
Title: Global IT Outsourcing: Software Development across Borders, Author: Sundeep Sahay
Title: Programmable Networks for IP Service Deployment: Management and Rapid Service Deployment, Author: Alex Galis
Title: Managerial Guide for Handling Cyber-Terrorism and Information Warfare, Author: Janczewski
Title: Managing Strategic Intelligence: Techniques and Technologies, Author: Mark Xu

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