Title: Expert Systems Application, Author: Eric Ericson
Title: Network Management and Control / Edition 1, Author: A. Kershenbaum
Title: The Corporation of the 1990s: Information Technology and Organizational Transformation, Author: Michael S. Scott Morton
Title: Information Management in Health Services / Edition 1, Author: Keen
Title: Information Technology and the Corporation of the 1990s: Research Studies / Edition 1, Author: Thomas J. Allen
Title: Imposing Duties: Government's Changing Approach to Compliance / Edition 1, Author: Malcolm K. Sparrow
Title: Development Effectiveness: Strategies for IS Organizational Transition / Edition 1, Author: Ernst & Young LLP
Title: Network Management and Control: Volume 2 / Edition 1, Author: I.T. Frisch
Title: Telecommunications Network Management into the 21st Century: Techniques, Standards, Technologies, and Applications / Edition 1, Author: Salah Aidarous
Title: Managing Computer Networks: A Case-Based Reasoning Approach, Author: Lundy Lewis
Title: Firm Objectives, Controls and Organization: The Use of Information and the Transfer of Knowledge within the Firm / Edition 1, Author: Gunnar Eliasson
Title: Corporation on a Tightrope: Balancing Leadership, Governance, and Technology in an Age of Complexity / Edition 1, Author: John G. Sifonis
Title: Information Management: The Organizational Dimension / Edition 1, Author: Michael J. Earl
Title: Resource Management for Distributed Multimedia Systems / Edition 1, Author: Lars Christian Wolf
Title: Management of Telecommunication Systems and Services: Modelling and Implementing TMN-Based Multi-Domain Management / Edition 1, Author: Jane Hall
Title: Managing Information Systems in IS: Successful Strategies and Appropriate Action / Edition 1, Author: James D. McKeen
Title: Managing the Information Ecology: A Collaborative Approach to Information Technology Management, Author: Bruce W. Hasenyager
Title: Managing Knowledge: Perspectives on Cooperation and Competition / Edition 1, Author: Georg von Krogh
Title: Managing Knowledge: Perspectives on Cooperation and Competition / Edition 1, Author: Georg von Krogh
Title: Networks and Systems Management: Platforms Analysis and Evaluation / Edition 1, Author: Iosif G. Ghetie

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