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Title: The Looting Machine: Warlords, Oligarchs, Corporations, Smugglers, and the Theft of Africa's Wealth, Author: Tom Burgis
Title: Untapped: The Scramble for Africa's Oil, Author: John Ghazvinian
Title: Capitalism and the Transformation of Africa: Reports from Equatorial Guinea, Author: Mary-Alice Waters
Title: Food for All in Africa: Sustainable Intensification for African Farmers, Author: Gordon Conway
Title: Nigerian Capitalism, Author: Sayre P. Schatz
Title: Post-Apartheid Southern Africa: Economic Challenges and Policies for the Future / Edition 1, Author: Lennart Petersson
Title: The Peasant Cotton Revolution in West Africa: C�te d'Ivoire, 1880-1995, Author: Thomas J. Bassett
Title: Adventure Capitalism: Globalization and the Political Economy of Stock Markets in Africa, Author: T. Moss
Title: Pathways to African Export Sustainability, Author: World Bank
Title: Region-Building in Africa: Political and Economic Challenges, Author: Daniel H. Levine
Title: Politics And Economic Development In, Author: Tom Forrest
Title: Beyond the 'African Tragedy': Discourses on Development and the Global Economy / Edition 1, Author: Malinda S. Smith
Title: Regionalization and Security in Southern Africa, Author: N. Poku
Title: African Businessmen and Development in Zambia, Author: Andrew A. Beveridge
Title: Oil and Gas in Africa, Author: African Development Bank and the African Union
Title: Politics And Economic Development In Nigeria: Updated Edition, Author: Tom Forrest
Title: The Political Economy of Oil and Gas in Africa: The case of Nigeria / Edition 1, Author: Soala Ariweriokuma
Title: The Political Economy of Regionalism: The Case of Southern Africa, Author: F. Söderbaum
Title: Multinationals, the State and Control of the Nigerian Economy, Author: Thomas J. Biersteker
Title: The International Politics of Africa's Strategic Minerals, Author: ABC-CLIO

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