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Title: The Ring that Caesar Wore, Author: Ashley Gardner
Title: A Nose for Mischief, Author: K. T. Lee
#1 in Series
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Title: Strike Out 4 Murder, Author: J. C. Eaton
Title: Death in Provence: A Penelope Kite Novel, Author: Serena Kent
Title: Beer and Loathing: A Sloan Krause Mystery, Author: Ellie Alexander
Title: A Willing Murder, Author: Jude Deveraux
Title: Pillow Stalk (Madison Night Series #1), Author: Diane Vallere
Title: Raccoon Racketeer: A Hilarious Cozy Mystery with One Very Entitled Cat Detective, Author: Molly Fitz
Title: The Monster MASH: A dead funny romantic comedy, Author: Angie Fox
Title: Too Many Crooks Spoil the Plot, Author: Sarah Osborne
Title: Toes up in the Tulips, Author: Dale Mayer
#20 in Series
Title: A Relative Murder, Author: Jude Deveraux
#4 in Series
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Title: Murder at the Debutante Ball, Author: C. J. Archer
#5 in Series
Title: Cinnamon Rolls and Corpses, Author: Wendy Meadows
#1 in Series
Title: Murder in an Irish Village (Irish Village Mystery Series #1), Author: Carlene O'Connor
Title: Open for Murder, Author: Mary Angela
Title: Double Twist (A Mia Murphy Mystery), Author: Stephanie Rowe
Title: Uzi in the Urn, Author: Dale Mayer Pre-Order Now
Title: Moonflower Murders, Author: Anthony Horowitz
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Title: Murder at the Crown and Anchor, Author: C. J. Archer Pre-Order Now

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