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Title: Becoming a Gardener: What Reading and Digging Taught Me About Living, Author: Catie Marron
Title: You Grow, Gurl!: Plant Kween's Lush Guide to Growing Your Garden, Author: Christopher Griffin
Title: How to Grow: Nurture Your Garden, Nurture Yourself, Author: Marcus Bridgewater
Title: Creating Sanctuary: Sacred Garden Spaces, Plant-Based Medicine, and Daily Practices to Achieve Happiness and Well-Being, Author: Jessi Bloom
Title: Your Well-Being Garden: How to Make Your Garden Good for You - Science, Design, Practice, Author: DK
Title: The Medicine Wheel Garden: Creating Sacred Space for Healing, Celebration, and Tranquillity, Author: E. Barrie Kavasch
Title: The Cancer Survivor's Garden Companion: Cultivating Hope, Healing and Joy in the Ground Beneath Your Feet, Author: Jenny Peterson
Title: The Story Garden: Cultivating Plants to Nurture Memories, Author: Johanna Smith
Title: Growing a Life: Teen Gardeners Harvest Food, Health, and Joy, Author: Illéne Pevec
Title: Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening, Author: Fran Sorin
Title: Mindful Thoughts for Gardeners: Sowing Seeds of Awareness, Author: Clea Danaan