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Title: Promise Boys, Author: Nick Brooks
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Title: Hollow Fires, Author: Samira Ahmed
Title: Some Shall Break, Author: Ellie Marney Pre-Order Now
Title: Girl Forgotten, Author: April Henry
Title: The Runaways, Author: Hannah Newell
Title: She's Too Pretty to Burn: A Novel, Author: Wendy Heard
Title: The Pledge, Author: Cale Dietrich
Title: We'll Never Tell, Author: Wendy Heard
Title: Secrets Never Die, Author: Vincent Ralph Pre-Order Now
Title: Only She Came Back, Author: Margot Harrison Pre-Order Now
Title: Wolfpack, Author: Amelia Brunskill Pre-Order Now
Title: Summer People, Author: Sara Hosey Pre-Order Now
Title: Her Song in His Heart, Author: C. L. Stone
Title: Unsung Requiem, Author: C. L. Stone
Title: Good Girl, Bad Blood (German Edition), Author: Holly Jackson
Title: Love's Cruel Redemption, Author: C. L. Stone
Title: Over the Fence, Author: Debbie Schrack
Title: First Kiss, Author: C. L. Stone
Title: The Healing Power of Sugar, Author: C. L. Stone
Title: The House on Cemetery Hill, Author: Barry Forbes

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