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Title: Titanium Noir: A novel, Author: Nick Harkaway
Title: Godzilla and Godzilla Raids Again, Author: Shigeru Kayama Pre-Order Now
Title: Uranians: Stories, Author: Theodore McCombs
Title: Accel World, Vol. 25 (light novel): Deity of Demise, Author: Reki Kawahara
Title: Doctor Who: All Flesh is Grass: Time Lord Victorious, Author: Una McCormack
Title: The Free People's Village, Author: Sim Kern Pre-Order Now
Title: Accel World, Vol. 26 (light novel): Conqueror of the Sundered Heavens, Author: Reki Kawahara Pre-Order Now
Title: Prophet, Author: Helen Macdonald Pre-Order Now
Title: The This, Author: Adam Roberts
Title: The Thousand Earths, Author: Stephen Baxter
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Title: The Never-Ending End of the World, Author: Ann Christy Pre-Order Now
Title: The Disinformation War, Author: S. J. Groenewegen Pre-Order Now
Title: The Cathedrals of Mars (The Heliosphere Trilogy), Author: E.M. Rensing Pre-Order Now
Title: The Ghostwriters, Author: M. J. Maloney Pre-Order Now
Title: Zombie Fallout 20: Shores Of Despair, Author: Mark Tufo
Title: Zombie Fallout 19: Unearthed, Author: Mark Tufo
Title: Fading Away, Author: Angela White
Title: Troubled Waters (Life After War, #19), Author: Angela White
Title: Zombie Fallout 17: The Lost Journals, Author: Mark Tufo
Title: Dinosaur Lake VII: The Aliens Return, Author: Kathryn Meyer Griffith

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