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Title: Mao: The Unknown Story, Author: Jung Chang
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Title: Last Boat Out of Shanghai: The Epic Story of the Chinese Who Fled Mao's Revolution, Author: Helen Zia
Title: School of Darkness, Author: Bella V Dodd
Title: The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers, Author: Richard McGregor
Title: Mao Zedong and China in the Twentieth-Century World: A Concise History, Author: Rebecca E. Karl
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Title: The Bending Cross: A Biography of Eugene Victor Debs, Author: Ray Ginger
Title: Fidel:: A Critical Portrait, Author: Tad Szulc
Title: Democracy's Prisoner: Eugene V. Debs, the Great War, and the Right to Dissent, Author: Ernest Freeberg
Title: Secret Agents: The Rosenberg Case, McCarthyism and Fifties America, Author: Marjorie Garber
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Title: The Double Life of Fidel Castro: My 17 Years as Personal Bodyguard to El Lider Maximo, Author: Juan Reinaldo Sanchez
Title: Hungry Ghosts: Mao's Secret Famine, Author: Jasper Becker
Title: Mao Zedong: A Life, Author: Jonathan D. Spence
Title: A Good American Family: The Red Scare and My Father, Author: David Maraniss
Title: 634 Ways to Kill Fidel, Author: Fabian Escalante
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Title: Maoism: A Global History, Author: Julia Lovell
Title: The Soviet Cuban Missile Crisis: Castro, Mikoyan, Kennedy, Khrushchev, and the Missiles of November, Author: Sergo Mikoyan
Title: The Brilliant Disaster: JFK, Castro, and America's Doomed Invasion of Cuba's Bay of Pigs, Author: Jim Rasenberger
Title: Love and Capital: Karl and Jenny Marx and the Birth of a Revolution, Author: Mary Gabriel
Title: True Believer: Stalin's Last American Spy, Author: Kati Marton
Title: Christian Socialism: An Informal History, Author: John C Cort

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