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Title: Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked, Author: Adam Alter
Title: The Psychology of Zelda: Linking Our World to the Legend of Zelda Series, Author: Anthony Bean
Title: 365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience, and Success, Author: Martin Meadows
Title: The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It, Author: Kelly McGonigal
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Title: Restorative Practice and Special Needs: A Practical Guide to Working Restoratively with Young People, Author: Nicholas Burnett
Title: The Ape that Understood the Universe: How the Mind and Culture Evolve, Author: Steve Stewart-Williams
Title: How To Sell Your Way Through Life, Author: Napoleon Hill
Title: How Psychology Works: The Facts Visually Explained, Author: DK
Title: Stop Self-Sabotage: Six Steps to Unlock Your True Motivation, Harness Your Willpower, and Get Out of Your Own Way, Author: Judy Ho PhD
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Title: A Guide to Confident Living, Author: Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
Title: Bringing Out the Best in People: How to Enjoy Helping Others Excel, Author: Alan Loy McGinnis
Title: Resilience: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster, Author: Linda Graham
Title: Exceptional: Build Your Personal Highlight Reel and Unlock Your Potential, Author: Daniel M. Cable
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12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos
Audiobook (Unabridged)


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Title: The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons by Napoleon Hill, Author: Napoleon Hill
Title: The High Price of Materialism, Author: Tim Kasser
Title: PSYCHOPATH FREE: Recovering from Emotionally Abusive Relationships with, Author: Jackson MacKenzie
Title: Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind, Author: Craig Chalquist
Title: Understanding and Overcoming Misophonia : A Conditioned Aversive Reflex Disorder, Author: Thomas H. Dozier
Title: Becoming the Iceman: Pushing Past Perceived Limits, Author: Wim Hof

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